A. Aravindh

A. Aravindh

Hi. I am aravindh working as Agent in LIC thiruvanmyur- cb023. Recently I rejoined LIC in 2019 . I have already worked as an agent as a part time immediately after finishing my college. So I have enough knowledge about LIC.

I have worked in collection , sales and marketing departments in companies like economic times where I sold newspaper and in airtel as collection departments and also solving billing problems for corporate customers.

I have also worked as trainer in oracle dba for systems domain in bangalore .  Because I have worked in marketing department I also did various marketing activities in systems domain. I was also heading a department called mentor where it deals with competitive exams like NEET etc. and also take tutions for 11 the and 12th  . My job is to market for mentor and also manage the students and the trainers

Once I came back to Chennai I rejoined LIC . The reason I rejoined LIC is to work independently rather than working for any company. Another reason is marketing the importance of insurance. The more I market the importance of insurance the more the family is protected. Of course I will be getting commission for this. I just hope that I can contribute more to the society and give protection to many families

Thank you